This schedule is subject to last minute changes & Royal Whim.
Please pay heed to announcements by the Heralds!
Times listed are for Central Standard Time.

NOTE: Camp Discovery is a wet site.

Tentative Schedule Pending TRM/TRH Review:
8:45   am     Armatura (Hosted by Legio Ursi)
10:00 am    Sabre Tourney  (Hosted by The Meridian Order of the Blade)
11:15 am    Count Francois Duvant Memorial Chalice Tournament
11:30 am    Fundraiser Lunch (Tournament and Lunch Hosted By the Order of the Chalice)
12:30 pm    Sable Sword Challenge  (Hosted by The Order of the Sable Sword)
1:45   pm    Sir Lee Fribrand Great Weapons Tournament  (Hosted by The Meridian Order of the Rose)
3:00   pm    Earl Richard Raefen Memorial Meridian Grand Tournament  (Hosted by the Order of the Chivalry)
6:30   pm    or At Their Majesties Discretion- Court with feast and revel to follow