The Tournaments

The Tournaments are sponsored by the Orders noted below.  Each Order provides the prize and scroll for the winner of their respective Tournament.  During each tourney, the Sponsoring Order serves refreshments to the populace and assists with heralding and marshaling.  Sponsorship in not required to participate in the tournaments, all authorized fighters are welcome to fight.

Fighters are encouraged to complete the online Tournament Registration form to speed up the process at the event.

Armatura – hosted by the Order of the Legio Ursi
Bear Pit Tournament, 3 person, random team melee, limited field. Winner will be the individual with the most points at the end of the time.

Sabre Tourney – hosted by the Order of the Blade
Single Elimination Tournament, Restricted to one single handed sword, no backups, and no shields. Double kills are destructive.

Count Francois Duvant Memorial Chalice Tournament – hosted by the Order of the Chalice
Single Elimination Tournament, Open Weapon style, There is a $20 entry fee and ALL proceeds go to a women’s charity in the winner’s geographical area.

Sable Sword Challenge – hosted by the Order of the Sable Sword
The members of the CSS (and any champions/runners up from earlier tournaments) “stand the field” as defenders. Everyone else is a challenger. The challenger’s line up in one line, the defenders line up in one line. Each challenger will get a coin when they get in line. They may “bring your best” or a specific weapon style. If they challenge a weapon style, the defenders will choose who will meet them in combat when that challenger comes to the field. If the challenger chooses “bring your best” they will fight whoever is at the front of the defenders line when it is there turn to take the field. When a challenger’s fight is complete, if they win, they advance to the next round. And will go to the list mistress to give their name. When a Defenders turn is complete, win or lose, they will go to the back of the defenders line, to await their next turn. Once all challengers have fought a defender, those challengers who won their bout will fight off in a single elimination tournament to see who is the Champion and Runner up.

Sir Lee Fribrand Memorial Great Weapons Tourney – hosted by the Order of the Rose
Single Elimination Tournament, restricted to Great weapons (4 – 7.5 ft overall length).

Earl Richard of Rae Fen Memorial Grand Tournament – hosted by the Order of Chivalry
The winners of the above tournaments advance to the Grand Tournament along with those fighters selected by the Peerage, sponsoring Orders and the Populace. The winner will earn the coveted title of Grand Champion of the Meridian Grand Tournament.