Event Staff

Event Steward: THL Ysabel d’Ange
mka: Libby Guerry

Deputy Event Steward:  Baron Piers Simmons
mka: Tyson Newell

Exchequer:  Dame Adelaide Colette de Monferrer

Marshal In-Charge:  Sir Seamus Last of Guyver

Royal Coordinator:  Lady Elsbeth Fereday

Herald Coordinator: Soo Yun

Mistress of the Lists: Mistress Cairistiona Bhan

Field Manager:  THLord Jacques de la Fontaine

Cabin/Camping Reservations: THLord Jacques de la Fontaine

Revel Cook :  THLord Bram Halfdannarson

Breakfast Cook :

A&S Coordinator: Mistress Wuennemon die Naehrin


Webminister:  THLord Iain MacArthur