Event Staff

Event Steward:  Baroness Rondalynne Seren
mka: Ronda Janowicz
Deputy Event Steward:  Countess Ysmay of Branston
mka: Stephanie Burris
Exchequer:  THLady Adelaide Colette de Monferrer
Marshal In-Charge:  Sir Alexander Brighthelmson

Royal Coordinator:  Baroness Cordell of Phoenix Glade

List Mistress:  Baroness Aela Hundred Oars
256-599-4503 (4-9 PM weekdays, and any time on weekends)
Field Manager:  THLady Sara Al Garnatiyya
Herald Coordinator: Lord Ingvarr Pettson
A&S Coordinators: THLady Korinna Osprey-geneia and Lady Sophia Berkeley
Revel Coordinator: Countess Ysmay of Branston
Children’s Activities:  THLady Fine Dubh known as Pixie
Head Cook: Mistress Mariana Cristina Tirado de Aragon
Merchant Coordinator: Mistress Anneke von Eisenberg
Parking and Landcrat: THLord Sebastian of Iron Mountain
Webminister:  THLord Iain MacArthur